I most assuredly did not call you an idiot. Please don't misquote me.

Now, as for your post from Mees. Do you notice that Potassium Thiosulfate is not shown? The reason is that it is not a good fixer. That is the reason it is NOT in the graph nor mentioned in the paragraph you posted. It also is the reason why I posted the definitive statement from Haist which gives further references. So, the charts show nothing but the fact that Mees and Mees and James omit Potassium and show that fixation rate varies with Cations such as Sodium, Ammonium and Lithium.

It is a shame you didn't see the adjacent table in which Potassium is cited with a "-" denoting inactivity, and in another table where an optimized Potassium fix was 4x slower than the others.

In addition, I said that there cannot be multiple standards for photo grade chemicals, otherwise we would need one for every use, such as Borax for fixers, Borax for Developers and etc. So, in fact there must be one standard for photograde Borax and it must include potassium ion. You seem to misunderstand that simple statement.

I am stating this to show you again why I said that the standard and the tests were meaningless, and that is all.

I do not believe implicitly in the label and that is the very essence of my questioning. Conversely, you appear willing to accept the label and the standard with no questions attached. I am able to spot flaws in the standards and statements on the labels through experience and questioning the label. If you do not believe what I have said, you should go back and see that I have questioned the labels and even the standards, whereas you have defended them. In fact, that is the essence of this entire disagreement.

I am surprised that you didn't know about the effects of Potassium ion on fixation. That is actually rather well known amongst Photo Engineers.