Well, the choice of whether or not to use an acid stop bath depends on your choice of developer and fixer. When using staining developers, the common wisdom is to avoid the acid stop and fix to preserve the stain which masks the grain. The makers of Diafine, a specialty high speed developer, also recommend against a stop bath after development, but make no recommendations against an acid fixer. If you choose to use an alkaline or neutral fixer, then you should also avoid using an acid stop bath. These fixers may not be well buffered and the carry over of acid can lessen their capacity.

For the normal stuff like D-76, XTOL, HC-110, Perceptol, Microdol-X, ID-11, et. al., used in conjunction with an acidic fixer, there is no good reason to avoid, and several good reasons to use, an acid stop provided that your fixing bath is also acidic. Outside of the caveats mentioned in the previous paragraph, I always use an acid stop and it has never caused any sort of mischief.