Ascorbic acid powder purchased as a vitamin has on its label the gram equivalent of a teaspoonful. I have had many different brands and all have said the same.

You and I can argue all we want and we will never come to agreement. If I say you are right about something, you will find something wrong with the way I said it. Part of the problem is that you do not see the arguments I make.

How can I see the tables if I do not have them available. What do you know about potassium in borax that is not published in my copy, Third Edition, 1969, Fifth printing?

I find that the first process in production of borates from raw ore separates potassium borates. Potassium borate is 25 times more soluble than sodium borate, so it should be an easy job. If I needed a small amount of extra pure borax, I could do it myself.

Yes, it started years ago. You warned me about flashpoint, but did not seem to know the definition of flashpoint. If you wanted to prove my use of volumetric measures inaccurate, you could have weighed the volumes I presented, varied the weights by the amounts you suppose to be the probable errors and showed that they would not work. The fact is, you could not do that with any formula I proposed.

I'm not a dummy. I look for ways that allow others to enjoy photography who cannot afford even a simple powder scale, such as some underpriveleged children in New Zealand. You seem to be dedicated to telling them they are not entitled to do so if they can't afford analytical grade reagents and laboratory balances. I suggest if you want to carry on this way, you do it by PM.