Great questions. Although it's important to me to keep up with current ideas and techniques I seem to inevitably fall back to my own style when I set about shooting. It's ingrained. Of course, like most of us it is heavily influenced by many artists. I couldn't take a contemporary photograph for my own pleasure even if I tried. I'm quite happy mining my own territory while very much enjoying the work of other more contemporary artists.
Is it possible that a deepening of your work has in fact occurred and you're too close to see it? I think sometimes we progress as time goes on and don't necessarily recognize it.
It also seems that we can take a lot of beautiful yet similar photographs, then something from a particular image will just jump out and make it a bit more special. I guess that's what keeps us going?
Incidentally, I'm only referring to my personal work here. At work I shoot whatever I'm asked to, however they want it to look