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Yet I'm not sure my instincts," hmm, that looks nice," have not calcified.
Ahhh, Alden ... just asking that question means you haven't ossified!!! Any artist, at any level of development who doesn't question themselves and everything they do with their art, is truly dead in the water.

Even if you haven't pushed your photographic self expression boundaries in several decades, being willing to question the very foundation stones of what and who you are as as an image maker can only open new doors of discovery. Eegad, but I've had a bit too much wine tonight

Oh, and just because nobody else has exploited the subject matter you photograph the most doesn't mean what you do is meaningless. I know this for a fact as nobody with a name has ever photographed on the north coast of BC, and I'm pretty sure there's more than a few "keepers" out there

HAPPY NEW YEAR.......hic!