I am new to this group, so please forgive me if I ask some (possibly) daft questions.

Until recently I was using Barry Thornton's DiXactol; I was very pleased with the results having previously tried numerous products form the major suppliers, none of which I was really satisfied with.

Just prior to Barryís death, I had started to investigate the possibility of mixing my own solutions. At this point, I should mention that I am no chemist! GCSE ĎOí level in this subject is as far as I went Ė and that was more than a few years ago. I tried some of formula from the Darkroom Cookbook and Film Developing Cookbook. I have been pleased with the paper devs, but have not yet found anything that gives me the same results on film as DiXactol so Iíve therefore started to mix my own experimental solutions

I am currently having problems getting glycin to dissolve into a solution of Pyrocatechol and Sodium Sulphite in water. Trawling through the web led me to believe that it may be possible to dissolve it in Triethanolamine, although when I tried this the other evening it didnít seem to fully dissolve at room temperature. Can anyone please tell me how best to dissolve Glycin?

Further web trawling led me to this site and mention of Patrick Ganierís TEA developers. However, I cannot find the formulas anywhere on the web. Are these commercial solutions or are they published for personal use?
Whilst Iím thoroughly enjoying the experimentation (Even the failures) I would be interested see the formula to save me from at least some of my own failures.

Many Thanks

Kevin Jones