Somewhere around here I got the crazy idea I could use Pyrocat to develop Techpan using the semistand method. I shot a roll, half at asa 50 and half at 100. I used the Pyro 1:1:150 at 70F for 20 minutes with 4 agitations. I think it is probably N+2 or there abouts but the curve is very odd. - I am evaluating the negs off a scanner - so who knows how different it will be when I check them in the darkroom with graded and vc paper. It looks like zone 1 and 2 often did't show up at all. Low contrast shots landed right where they should (density wise) and look great. Zone 8 and up are very dense yet they did scan and look printable - barely.

I like the idea of using my main brew for all my films. Rateing Techpan at 100 is quite a stretch but worked for the most part. Is there a better way to get my toe and shoulder back? I think if I go longer it will give me a higher film speed but be even contrastier? If I go shorter I should get my highlights under control but need to rate it at ASA 25? Is there anyone who has a preferred method for this?? Even less agitation?