No, of course 50 plus is not too late for living and creating. I meant to say that I am merely feeling regret at having not become a part of all this massive amount of production and publishing that surrounds us today, and that the need to get on with things is pressing hard right now. Photography is a great choice for a lifelong devotion, and I imagine I will always shoot. But right now I am very disturbed by these feelings of failure of vision. If I have no true passion beyond the crafting, I'll have to own up to it and bury forever this false pretention that I have anything to say. If you are pleased with your collection, you have won the battle, regardless of it's place in the world. I am not pleased with merely piling up more and more nice works that speak proudly for lenses, and tonality, but fail to move me in any way. Funny. Is the maker excluded from the pleasure and the meaning of his own creations?