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...one of the things that I picked up on here on APUG,
was that when re-using fixer, you are subjecting your film
to a fluid that is full of silver particles. Now, the way I see it,
if ... then I am sure that the same emulsion is quite capable of
holding on to all that silver floating about in the used fixer.
It would take some very unusual combination of chemical
interaction to precipitate elemental silver within the fixer
solution. Off hand I can't think of any combination of
chemistries we involved with darkroom chemistry
might concoct on purpose which would cause
such a chemical reaction.

I've read many APUG posts dealing with fixer but yours is
a first ever seen warning of fixers "full of silver particles"

In years past I've put a lot of film through the same lot
of fixer with no problems. I dare say 9 out of 10 or more
APUG'ers reuse fixer. Film strips, Ag indicator paper, silver
load drops, and by count, are the methods used to
test fixer.

For myself I use fixer fresh each roll or print, very
dilute one-shot. Dan