It has come and gone. I finally took my first flight/airtravel with my 12x20 camera.
I managed to find a place close by that sold surplus military Pelican cases.
Picked up a desert tan Pelican 1580 case. It is a beast of a case. Likely weighs in at around 30 lbs all by itself. Loaded with my 12x20 F&S, 3 12x20 holders, 2 dark cloths, 1 jumbo changing tent, and various items (cable release, light meter, etc) the total of the case was around 75lbs. Luckily it has wheels and a long handle so it fairly easy to walk around with and haul through the airport etc.
The case was checked along with my tripod on the flight. The equipment/case and tripod all fair well and nothing was damaged during the 2 legs of the trip out there and back. I did however have one fairly substantial "casualty". One freshly bought and factory packaged box of 25 sheets of 12x20 Efke PL100 film.
The TSA security check point in Manchester, MA decided it was completely and utterly neccesary to open up the one box of completely factory sealed film to inspect and swab it. Ive filed a complaint/claim with TSA as it states in their regulations that film boxes that are factory sealed will not neccesitate being opened and "swabbed" for explosives.
The odd thing about the whole occurence is that the two other boxes I was hand carrying (one box of "exposed/undeveloped" shots, one partial box of unexposed) were NOT opened and "swabbed". They only required that they swab the completely fresh factory sealed box. It actually had to have the seals cut to open it and swab the interior black plastic bag. Low and behold I got home and dev a few random sheets from the "opened" box and had some horribly fogged film.
I think it was an isolated experience as they just didnt understand the concept of a box of light sensitive film existed this large. My flight out there, I had no issues and the TSA supervisor on duty was pleasant and easily understood about the film.

I managed to sneak away from family for 2 afternoons and 2 morning "outings" into the surround area around Petersham, Massachusetts. snow was abundant and it was nice to photograph in some very "different" surroundings than my local Texas landscapes etc.

I thought I would share a few of the images. I came back with a total of 14 sheets of exposed film. Gladly they all turned out nearly spotless exposure/development -wise. There were four that seemed to neccesitate and immediate printing session so I spent some time the last few days printing up four of them.

Just thought I was share some of my travel/carry case/location thoughts.

happy new year all...

in and around petersham, ma.

PS, the title is stated with all do respect for the profound work of Mr. Strand and his wonderful book "My Time in New England"