Hi everyone,

All the best to you in the new year and thanks to everyone who participated in round 12. That round went very well (I never had that many cards arriving at my door). Also organizing it was a pleasure since there were no problems with people coming late and everyone sent the right address etc ... really great.

So I think it is time for the next round. I still have not heard back from Randy and so if it is OK with you, I will take over organization again.

Here is the schedule for this round:

January: sign up
February: print and mail
March: breather

Sign up is again by sending a PM to me with your name, address and the amount of cards you are able to send as I think we should continue to allow people to send fewer cards than the maximum.

As in the last round I will post the list of participants from time to time so that you can check if your name is on the list or if I made a mistake.

So, I am looking forward to this round.

-- Rüdiger