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Also worth stressing that if you do put your fixer down the sink, the more 'used' it is the worse it definitely is for the environment. Another reason, apart from archival reasons, I don't use it to exhaustion. Although one of my NY res's might be to dispose of all my chems (apart from developer) via the Council hazardous waste route...
I'm going to fight with your logic. I am of the opinion that 1 unit of fixer with .1 units of silver in it is better for the environment than 100 units of fixer with .1 units of silver. The total silver exposure to the environment is the same (you are shooting the same amount of film or processing the same number of prints whether you reuse your fixer or not), but you are discarding more fixer which is itself a pollutant.

Certainly fixer with strong amounts of silver in it will be bad for the environment, but diluting the silver with fixer isn't exactly helping. You're just discarding more pollutants.