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I have the same safelights as you do rolleijoe. I only have one though, but my darkroom is about 1.5 times the size of your enlarger table so it's plenty. It's in a in-ceiling fixture, however, so I get less light from it. But it works fine, even with Fotokemika Varycon.

One way to get fogged paper with clean edges as you say would be to keep the paper in the darkroom permanently. The chemistry fumes in there will fog the paper. Then during development, if the whole print isn't submerged all the way, but the edges are 'sticking up' and agitation is poor, then what happens to you could definitely happen.
Can you post a scan of one of the 'unhappy' prints?

- Thomas
That's what I've been doing, is keeping all the paper in the darkroom permanently (even fresh unopened packs of 25sh 16x20). When I put a print into any of the 4 chemicals, I make sure it's completely submerged, and then agitate the tray as well.

Unfortunately I'm still waiting on my scanner to arrive from eBay (old Agfa scanners went kaput with the company), and since switching to iMac, have had to start all over again in some areas.

But I will as soon as possible. I've had unopened paper in there for months as well as the box of 8x10 I used for test prints. The AC stays on all the time inside, which is why I left the paper in there. Where would you suggest I store the paper?

I'm about to order some Foma 542 and Varycon 20x24.

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