I've been using some 120 ACROS film recently and souping in Rodinal 1:50 and am impressed by it's quality. However, my last three rolls looked contrasty, but when printed onto VC paper, I found them a lot flatter and had to up the filtration quite a bit to get the contrast I wanted. I am wondering if they would print better on graded papers?

I am of the belief that the Pyrocat devs might be better for VC paper printing. I get on very well with ACROS older sibling... Neopan 400 in Pyrocat HD, and get great results, but wanted to know if anyone has tried ACROS 100 in Pyrocat HD. Settling on one developer would be a definite plus.

Who has used Pyrocat HD (Glycol version) with ACROS 100. What did you rate your film at? What dilution 1:1:100? Temperature? Agitation?

I am used to Neopan 400 rated @ 200 with 14 minutes dev time at 1:1:100 @ 72 Deg F with extreme minimal agitation.

Would ACROS be similar?