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So what's the professional / really experienced recommendation - stop bath solution or water? Assuming plain Jane developer like D-76.

Regards, Art.
Well, as far as the "professional" part of the question, the newspaper where I worked (pre-digital days) never used a stop bath with film. We just dunked the film in a tank of running water and tossed it in the fixer tank (in the dark, of course). We didn't have to buy the fixer and didn't really care if the fixer was exhausted or not--just as long as we could get the film printed ASAP for the editors to see.

As to personal recommendations, I use a stop bath because I have to buy my own fixer, I want to get the most out of it and would prefer my negatives to last for a while.

For prints? The newspaper used a solution of glacial acetic acid mixed fresh daily. I use the same type of indicator stop bath I use for film and mix fresh when it starts to change color.