All, thanks for the kind words.
I had contemplated trying to meetup with a few of you that I knew were in the area. But alas, it was a somewhat "quick" trip (albeit way too many consistant days of family). The time was pretty jam packed with only a few rare instances of being able to get out and photograph. Few hours here and there when others were napping from the xmas turkey meal, etc.
Next time Im up there I plan to meet up with some folks (gene especially).
Its a gorgeous area of the US. So much history and visual stories everywhere you look. These were just my meager attempts at stopping and capturing what struck me emotionally.
It was logistically a bit of a nightmare, especially when shooting the "trees" image, as it was freezing rain and getting a film holder from the cab of the truck into the camera, darkslide pulled and reinserted without water getting on anything was a bit trying... but seemed all the while to be worth the effort. Plus I managed to haul that beast of a camera/case up there and damn if I wasnt going to come back with at least a few shots

PS, I do believe you are right it must have been Manchester, NH... coming from a state as large as Texas, I get a little confused when you can drive two hours in New England and go through 3-4 different states