I have a question about mixing different lenses. I have a pretty good selection of 67mm filters and am looking to add a couple of lenses to my large format kit. I have a 180mm Nikkor with a 67mm filter thread now, and am considering purchasing a 135mm lens, and a wide angle down the road. The 135 I am looking at is a Fujinon 135mm CMW with a 67mm filter thread, but am also thinking about a Nikkor 135 with a 52mm filter thread. After that long explination, what works for all of you? Do you prefer using all one brand of lens, or do you mix them up? What are the benifits of useing all one brand if any?

FYI: in addition to the Fujinon having the 67mm filter size, it also has a bigger image circle than the Nikkor 135mm. So it is not only the filter size that I like about the Fujinon.
Thanks for your input.
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