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For final output from your scans, send them to Walmart for 4x6's or whatever.

This is much faster than printing each shot and toning them separately.

I grant you that scans from mf or 35mm when scanned from direct negative contact prints won't have the detail of 4x5 or 8x10, but your photos will take on the character of the cyanotypes you are trying to match...
If you are suggesting chromogenic prints here, I can't imagine they will look anything like cyanotypes even if the scanned original prints were contact prints using cyanotype.

If a digital step is to be involved, I suggest the OP visit hybridphoto.com and investigate how to make proper digital negatives that will match the scale of the cyanotype emulsion. There are a lot of friendly people over there willing to offer good advice. Check out posts made by user mkochsch on using HSL arrays in particular. (OTOH, a film scan could also be taken into Photoshop, desaturated and then colorized blue and printed out via inkjet to a rough paper to mimic the cyanotype process better than a slick surfaced RC chromogenic print.)

If it is important to match the older cyanotypes, I say give them give them real cyanotype prints.