Hello All,

Thanks for the many welcomes! Glad to know that if I run out of developer I can look for some a few doors down the road.

I didn't want to bore you with all the details of my travels, but since Catherine asked... I'm part of the Polish invasion in a way. I left Krakow 18 years ago for London and I slowly made my way to Ireland over the past few years.

The move from UK damaged my Gem 405 enlarger which was good news as I had insured it well. This allowed me to replace it with a nice DeVere 405 with an Ilford 500 head which is the centrepiece of the darkroom I am rebuilding at present. I miss not having Silverprint just a few stops away on the Underground - those guys had everything a B&W fan needed. But now I know where I can find you.

I look forward to meeting you in person in the future.