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Tom, remember that the prices quoted are for guys that have the process nailed. With everything new, there is a learning curve....remember how much paper you got through when you were learning to print silver? You'll get through a lot of pt/pd before you're happy.....
True, but you can greatly reduce the learning curve by attending a workshop. If you can swing it, the best way to learn this type of hands-on process is with someone knowledgable looking over your shoulder. And I'm not just plugging my own workshops - there are many good platinum printers out there you can learn from. Here's a few with general geographic locations off the top of my head:

Keith Schreiber (arizona)
Dick Arentz (arizona)
Clay Harmon (houston)
Kevin O'Connell (denver)
Sal Lopes (east coast)
Eric Neilsen (dallas)
Nze Christian (belgium?)

and more I can't think of right now...

A little googling will turn up more info on all these and other skilled platinologists.

I teach mostly in California (Yosemite and Placerville), but have plans to teach in Montana and Washington state next year. Possible even the Philippines...

Kerik Kouklis