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Pat Gainer's PC-TEA Developer

100ml Triethanolamine (TEA)
9 Grams L-ascorbic acid powder
0.25 grams phenidone

Dilute 1 part PC-TEA with 50 parts water

For Kodak TMY 400: As a starting point, develop for 9.5 minutes at 21 deg. C with gentle agitation: 10sec./minute
You forgot to tell him about the heating. TEA as you know by now is quite viscous at room temperature. It actually freezes at about 70 F, although it also readilly supercools. I add the solid ingredients to the TEA and heat it just enough to dissolve the stuff. The ethanolamines begin to darken with heating above 140 F, but have no fear. I have used some pretty dark stuff that I heated more than necessary with good results.