Ilford washing technique

Recently I had the pleasure of getting the Film Developer Cookbook. Ive been a working photographer and technician for over 60 years and I am still learning! One thing I found was on washing film ,the author makes a note on the Ilford techniques of 5,10,15 ,20 refills and dumps. He states that an error was made when the technique was published. There should be a five minute soak between cycles. I can easily believe this .As a DuPont tech rep once told me, DuPont tried for years to get photographers to use 72 degrees as a standard instead of 68. On the premise that many thermometers were not that accurate and hydroquinone in a formula lost activity quickly below 68 . Using 72 degrees would act as insurance against this and the difference was not enough to affect other chemical changes But every time they sent the data sheets to the printers they would change it back to 68 assuming it was a typo!.
I have used a70 or 72 degrees for years as my standard and never encountered any problems ,The developing time was compensated of course for the difference .Any comments on the Ilford technique?