It is indeed true that the Kentmere warmtone liths well. When I used it it was great for infrared shots with lots of intricate detail because it was very gritty. On larger paper, like 11x14, that became an advantage. It was rather slow, but it looked very nice for some subject matter.

I second Travis comment on it being a thing of taste what works and not. I have seen prints on Forte Polywarmtone that are deep deep burgundy and fine grained. I have also seen them very gritty, pepper foggy, with a green and almost purple mix of tones. The results vary a lot depending on how you process the paper.

- Thomas

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Kentmere VC Warm semi-matt is a brown with a hint of pink. It can be pulled toward neutral with selenium. I have a couple of examples of Forte Polywarmtone and the Kentmere in my gallery. I believe Thomas has a number of examples in his gallery also.