One of my friends who is a *busy* portrait photographer sold their half-dozen RB's and couple RZ's to get a Canon D60. Of course, they kept one RB and one RZ. Their biggest complaint since going digital is the post production time. "It used to be: shoot (1 hour), drop film in bag & send to lab (5 min), get proofs back & prepare to show client (15 minutes), show clients and get orders (15 min), send to lab for final (10 min). Now, it is shoot (1.5 hours...the overall urge to preview every shot), download/correct/crop/etc (1 hour), send to lab (5 min), handle lab complaint/questions about inconsistency between lab system & studio system (10 minutes...even though it was calibrated with a Spyder), etc."

So, the urge to get digital was actually a downgrade in efficency for them. The H1 (to me) is a "downgrade" in efficency. I don't want a camera to "anticipate" what I want (it can't see what I see...). I like my 503's, I get to control every aspect and I can usually focus faster than AF MF lenses (hunt...hunt...tick...tick)

Automation, to me (after spending 17 years in the computer industry) is a backwards flow of progress. "Hell, I don't have to know what DOF, HFD, COF, etc is...the camera knows for me..." I feel that instead of educating the user, excessive automation allows dumber users to *Think* they can produce images better than others who had to learn the hard way.

To me, starting with an RB and going to Hasselblad, was an improvement of my own skills, forcing me to learn speed and precision. To me, the H1 is a way of allowing my skills to rust, to regress in my learning. Who cares if I can mount a digital back on it? Who cares if I can use my "V-system" lenses on it? If I was out for sports photography, I might get an F5 with everything. But, I had read that the head photog for the NBA actually shoots with a slew of 555ELD/ELX w/70mm backs strategically mounted all over the arena for his images!

I think every company has to be lead by a marketing department...and too keep up with the times, HB had to go somewhat "mainstream". They promise that us "V-system" users won't be left behind. But, now that they've sold to that Asian company, who knows what us "old-timers" are going to be left with!

The main things that drew me to HB was 1) Zeiss glass (real Zeiss glass), 2) backwards compatibility throughout the system, 3) real metal, 4) few to no batteries (even the 200 series can be used w/o&#33, 5) history, and 6) reliability. I think they were hoping that those of us who are name-brand-loyal (are any of us?) would run right out and get an H1 because it has "the H" on it. I won't. Now, if it was a 207AF or something, maybe...

Sorry folks for the rant, I just wished I could get a 203S and the full compliment of lenses...