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I need to make up some labels for attaching to a wall beside framed prints for an exhibition. You know the thing with the print title, info about the print and the price etc.
Can anyone suggest a professional looking method thats cheap and easily attached to the wall.
All I use is run-of-the-mill card stock... with the title and price and my identification on each label. Any word processing program should do - I use WordPerfect.

Attaching ... I run a Gallery and we have to be careful with the paint/ finish on the walls. If your work is framed in the common aluminum frames, with the "springy things" taking up the slack, it is very effective to insert the label between the glass/ plexi/ print and the frame.
If you really *must* place them on the wall, we REQUIRE the use of a water-soluble glue; kindergarten-type "glue sticks" work very well and are easily removed with a wet cloth. Most other glues will take the paint with them upon removal - transparent tape is especially bad after it has cured on the wall for a week or so,