I've talked to a lot of people in Budapest about Romania but haven't been able to go yet. The first thing know is that, before 1920, about half of Romania (the northern or Transylvania section), was part of Hungary. And Hungarians are very much aware of that. So many towns in Transylvania are considered (still today), Hungarian towns. A good example, a friend of mine is an English teacher. She was born in Transylvania into a Hungarian family. She complains that people think she is Romanian but she is (in her view), actually a Hungarian who happened to have been born in Romania.

I agree, the Hungarian people are friendly, and cultured (like classical music, are well read, etc.) and there are a number of very beautiful buildings and areas in Budapest.

Split, Croatia, is one of my favorite places. We, (my wife and I), rented an apartment and stayed there for a month last year. Did you get to Trogir?