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well rats. i tried stand development in HC-110 tonight, and still got 'burn marks' from the ridges of the film holders in the Fr tank. 1:185 HC-110, agitate for 30 seconds and let it sit for an hour. film was Arista.edu Ultra 100, 2x3 format. i even put the film in with the emulsion side going the other way, as it appeared to keep the edge of the film away from the ridge more.

so far the only success with this tank has been with a two-bath developer (Anchell/Troop TD-201). looks like i'll have to make up a full 2 liters, and deal with some film-speed loss. or is it just flat negs, i don't know. or not use the darn thing and continue with the taco method for now.
You need to forget the tank, with 2x3 film use tubes 2 1/2 inches long, 1 inch dia. with caps on the end, you will use 75-80 cc of 1:100 of HC-110 for 60 minutes, you can't mix methods. Pat