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Christmas issue was issue No. 80, December issue was issue No. 79. I know, it's confusing - we print 13 issues a year.
Am disappointed at the distribution situation but not wholly surprised. We don't control distribution, but I wish we could. Increasingly these days people subscribe to specialist titles such as ours in order to guarantee delivery. A wholesaler will take a view on the local market and will decide for themselves if a specialist title is warranted in its portfolio to offer newsagents. If there's little or no demand then its replaced by something else more mainstream - sad state of affairs I know
I guessed ist was so. The situation though is that all the copies on display are sold each and every month so............... And not all photographers are online or read about the mags on the web so the only way for them to know the existence of a magazine is to see it at the newsstand so Im really disapointed by the decission. Hmm see if I cn find the money to subscripe.
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