I think that, in my experience, as long as the lenses are all modern and coated, the differences noted will be minimal.

I shoot all Schneiders on my 4X5 system. On my 8X10 system, I shoot a mixed bag of Caltar, Dagor, and soon Nikor. I do notice a definite difference in contrast between my 4X5 negs and my 8X10 negs. The difference is so great that I would normally develop Bergger BPF for approx. 8 1/4 minutes (in a N contrast situation) in ABC Pyro 4X5. My 8X10 negatives are developed under the same conditions for approx. 12-13 minutes.

The difference, I believe, is due to a combination of lens coatings differences and also shutter differences (all copal in the Schneiders) and a mixed bag of Ilex, Rapax, and Packard in the 8X10 lenses. Additionally, I might add, I enlarge the 4X5 negs and I contact print the 8X10 onto Azo.

I think that once the inherent characteristics of the differences, if any, are noted that one can learn to work within that system.