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IMO (my opinion is based on my own laboratory experience) to evaluate image stain you need a transmission densitometer with the proper spectral sensitivity. Visual evaluation can produce very misleading results.
Tom, I certainly agree visual evaluation can be misleading, but what was important to me, I saw no clear advantage in printing my pyro developed TMax negs. fixed in an alkaline fixer with negs. fixed in an acid fixer.

Obviously to perform a fair test one whould have to produce two sets of negatives exposed at the same time, lighting and subject matter, then developed in the same developer for the same time, agitation and temperature. Then of course split between the two types of fixer. Other films and staining developers would need the same fair tests. This would be quite a time consuming adventure, something I haven't got time to do at the moment. But it would be interesting to see if there are 'real' differences with regard how a finished print would look.