I printed on the predecesor to Ilfrochrome some years ago and unless they have found a way to extend the contrast range of color transparency materials and also the printing paper the process from a photographic methodology is limited. The limitation most apparent is it's inability to convey a full contrast range of the original photographed scene. I am not a fan of digital process for a variety of reasons and I don't advocate it's usage. However the tools in Photoshop may allow one to achieve the desired result in less laborious fashion.

I found, in my experience, that the quality of the print using Cibachrome material could be absolutely stunning. However the process invariably involved manipulation of the trans contrast range through the use of unsharp contrast reduction masks. As I read about current users experience with the materials, I find that invariably those methods are still employed. Christopher Burkett, in my understanding, is one of those using masking quite extensively.