Question for you all...

I'd like to be able to "sign" my contact prints, and was thinking about how to do this.

Old-tyme photogs would sign their names on the negs, in black, blocking the light and putting their sig on each print. Or they'd scratch it into a dense part of the neg with a needle.

I had what I think might be a better idea, and was trying to see if anybody had done something similar, and if so, maybe pick up pointers.

My thought was that in contact printing, if a person could sign the backside of the top glass with opaque ink, then any contact print made using that top plate would have the sig on it. And I wouldn't have to risk damaging the neg.

I guess my questions are:

1. Anybody done this before?
2. How did you put the sig on the glass plate?
3. What sort of ink?

Maybe it's just a pipe dream, but I hope not. The more I think about it, the better idea it seems, in theory at least...