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I will add two comments to the previous message that migh be seen as reasons to prefer a regular Pt/Pd. print over a Pt/Pd toned kallitype. .

1. In toning kallitype images with palladium I have found that it is possible to replace or convert something on the order of 97 - 99.5% of the silver to palladium, but not 100% of it.

2. Persons involved in promoting and selling their work in galleries, etc. would probably do best to stick to Pt./Pd. Although as photographers we may believe that that process matters less than the image, in the marketplace process matters a lot. For a variety of reasons Pt./Pd. prints will attract more attention, and sell better, than Pt./Pd. toned kallitype, all other things being equal.


Obviously I wrote my last post before I saw this one. No. 1 is interesting. How did you determine those numbers? Laboratory anlayses?

I agree with you on No. 2, although it really does not come into play for me. Yes, I sell work through galleries, but I use pt/pd because it is faster, easier and much more fun for me than Kallitype.