Soeren I understand you being pissed off mate and management saying they do not controll distrobution is no help to you.
However I percive a change in attitude at the mag of late as Anolouge photography has been given specific mention in editorials of late and I percive less hostility and more understanding of us film users despite that damn digi listing. My point being that there is maybe something management can do for you photographers in Denmark even if it is only to take an add in a national paper or local photo mag to anounce their existance and how to subscribe.

I belive the views expressed here on APUG changed the attitude of management and they have listened, so if you can come up with some suggestions as to what paper/mag would reach the greatest target audience maybe we can persuade David to run some adds. Also if you subscribe yourself once you have read the mag pass it on so that eventualy it ends up in a dentists or doctors waiting room where who knows it may start a newbi on the road of B&W .
Wishing you all success, regards Paul.