Now that's funny - two people around the world with the same idea, at the same time.

My dad is about 75 or so, and has a couple Model T Fords from the 1920s that he drives a lot. He's active in the local Model T Ford club, and Detroit / Dearborn Michigan are only about 60 miles to the north of where I live.

Anyway, the Henry Ford Museum has several old car events, and it's about 1.5 miles from my girlfriend's house. I was at the last one, taking pics of a 1920s Indian motorcycle, using a 1920s 4x5 press camera, and the reaction was interesting. People were taking picture of me taking pictures! So that got me to thinking that there might be some interest (from the owners) in the photos.

The Indian's owner, I offered him the pics if I could sit on his bike, and he agreed. When I mailed him the photos a week later, he was dazzled. He'd never seen anything like 4x5 contact prints before, and members of his local vintage motorcycle club thought he'd found another old Indian. Didn't realize it was his.