To all. I developed the film last night in Rodinal at 11mins and 20 degrees C with 30 secs agitation to begin then 2 inversions every 30 secs. Results were pretty much as I expected from a film so old. The first three negs had developed OK but had high base fog as I was warned about. There were no light leaks despite being rolled and put in a drawer for years. However the photographer had stopped after three negs and he/she or someone else had then extracted the film and rolled it up but fatally had done so loosely as there were light leaks at regular intervals on the rest of the emulsion. Fortunately there were no exposures there anyway. So luck played a part in that the first three negs were so far embedded in the roll that even rolled loosely the light failed to penetrate that far down.

It was probably not a fair test of Rodinal due to high base fog and maybe I have a bias against Rodinal having used it on 35mm but there still seemed to be a characteristic graininess despite the negs being 6x9.

Claes. I think that maybe your recommendation of 10 mins would have been better. I don't think it needed any extra development because of its age. The backing paper was crimson with yellow writing so probably late 1950s or early 60s. At what point did Verichrome Pan change from a crimson backing with yellow writing? At least this will give me a latest date by which this particular film had to be produced. Thanks

One lesson for the future I must remember is: Beware of loose rolls. I need to tape the end down very tightly and probably not delay in processing. Can you get a film container for 120 as you do for 35mm? I have had problems with what I think was a loose roll last time in my Agfa Isolette 1 and I am tempted to extract the next roll in darkness, roll the end very tight and if not processing it on the spot then transfer to a container which I will open only in the dark. At least that way I'll eliminate one cause of the faint light(?) streaks on my previous roll.

Anyway thanks all, once again. Without APUG I could have spent forever trying to find out about Verichrome Pan development and still not have succeeded.