Funny thing about our culture - If you asked a mother what she would run into her house for if it was on fire, she would say the photo albums. They are the only thing that cannot be replaced. Now we have a few years of mom shooting digi and what artifact does she have? Is she going to dash in for her CPU or a stack of CDs? Digi mom can go to Wallyworld and get a chem print off of their memory sticks but how well is this really catching on? It adds a step .. she might pick some good ones and print those. There really is a gap showing up in our historical record now though. Even the bad prints survived to show us the unwashed side of our experience. Now those images just get deleted. 35mm is really easy for the moms though - the battery is rarely dead. No downloading or sorting through - NO CHIMPING. Just take the roll to the local photo lab and in an hour a stack of prints. Plus the cameras are quite powerful, affordable and available. I really do see that many will come back to emulsion. Does that mean we get to keep FP4, Techpan and APX100? Likely not. At least there will be one or two survivors.

Another wierd thing - Almost every other art type has a stable supply of materials for artists to embrace. You don't learn that red oil paint is no longer going to be made. What about us? Our art is tied to a small cadre of companies trying to weather this storm and with some sinking, we will certainly have to be more adaptable than other artists. I am not looking forward to a shinking number of choices.

... oh - in a burning building - I go would go for the negatives.