In your colored photo, the double kicker lights hit both sides of the nose which is unflattering to female in most cases. You should move the kickers at steeper angle from the back or use barndoors to avoid the light hitting the nose if your studio space is not deep enough.

Steel gobo shouldn't melt unless you use it not properly..maybe it is not inserted correctly causing ventilation problem. It also happened to me that lamp or barndoors emitted smoke when they were used in the first time becuase of vaporisation of the paint varnish.

BTW I am not a big fan of steel gobo and focusing spot to create patterns; I got Dedo gobo spot attachmnet and never use it to produce the pattern becuase the effect is too "articifial" for my taste; there are much better ways to create natural patterns.

Remmeber that Source four is a very hard light source...the size of the light source is the size of the projection lens which is quite small. If you use very hard light source as key, it is necessary to use soft and broad fill light to reduce the harshness. The function of the key is provide modeling of the facial structure and the fill light is to open up the shadows.