Thanks Paul.

That really is a visually splendid region. Due to the little time I had and the immense amount of photo opportunities I came across, I resigned to staying within a few miles of my sisters house so that I wasnt overwhelmed

Also, an update on my TSA debacle.

I filed a claim the day after returning and was called a few days ago by a nice TSA rep. There was a lack of open communication between myself and the Manchester TSA employees at the airport. When the film was run through the Xray machine, they then proceeded to do the swabbing on it. of the three film boxes I had with me (one brand new sealed box, one half full box, and one box of exposed/undeveloped film) the box that was factory sealed and taped up, actually tested positive in a mercury (Hg) residue scan. This is apparently one of the chemicals that are scanned for, according to the rep that talked to me on the phone.
In this instance, they are required to open up the box and also swab the interior for substances, which they did and nothing showed showed up.
They made the mistake of NOT informing me that the exterior had tested positive and that they were required to open up the box (regardless of it being a "factory seal" or not).

Chalk one up to experience I guess. I do intend on calling freestyle photo, just to inform them that a box of Efke film set off this TSA alarm so they may want to consider warning people or what not, feel they deserve to know about this.

One good thing, I've more than likely been added to a whole slew of "watch" lists.