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Hi y'all...

Let me think for a day or two. I am of course open to suggestions from all, especially George. You know I think this whole process should be more than "a pass the camera thing". I like how we all bond with the process.

Sile would be a good second in command. I like her energy, even one handed.

As for years, I have been here for three years now I think, maybe more. I ain't going anywhere. I have been on some lists for over 8 years, mostly active participation. I find a place, I like it, I stay there.

As for returning cameras, Only Camera 1A or is it Camera 1B is out in the wilderness with little chance of return...

And of course, not to step on anyones toes, Sanjay Sen, you interested?

That said, I'll let you know by the weeks end.

tim in san jose

Looks like you're "it". Congrats (or commisserations)!

One suggestion is perhaps trying a thematic approach to a Round. Sort of like combining the MSA approach to the "pass the camera".

I know that in both rounds I've participated in - by the time I got the camera I felt so pressured to pass it along - that I spent virtually no time thinking about what to shoot.

If you pick a "theme" ahead of time - then each of us can think about what we'll shoot while waiting for our "turn" behind the lens.