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I am planning on: "hand coating fixed out baryta paper for alt processes"!!!

Actually, I was hoping to not have to fix it out, but I'll give it a try. Wonder what's tricky about it - getting all the chemicals out properly?

I found an old post from him with a dead link to this topic. His e-mail also returns unknown. Any idea how to get hold of him? I'd like to get a copy of that booklet if at all possible.

Thanks for the lead!

The book makes it out to be the coating step that is the tricky part, that and the fact the paper will absorb a lot of sensitiser. He also said the wash probably needs to be longer. Theres slightly different techniques for glossy and matte paper in the coating too. When you get to your trial runs pm me and I'll share what Ican from the book if you can't get on yourself.