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I have a tank somewhat similar to that, and have found it almost completely worthless.

Only "almost", because I have used it successfully with half-strength FX-2:

Pour out water, pour in developer
Pour out developer, then pour it back in
Repeat developer pouring twice more
Let sit for 90 minutes or so
hey Ole. perhaps my 30 second initial agitation is too much for this combo?

i wanted to try FX2, but i didn't have the ingredients for it lying around, and ordering chemicals for something that might not work seemed like 'plan B'.

i don't think i did a pre-soak on this one, thinking it was going to be sitting long enough that it didn't matter. perhaps that was a bad idea.

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Nobody has mentioned this, but it is quite relevant. "Some" films seem to be more prone to developing streaks and marks than "Other" films. (edit)

I would consider developers that would give you a long processing time as being the most appropriate choices.
phototone: that's why i was thinking stand development. for film, i've tried two kinds so far: Arista.edu Ultra (aka Fomapan), and Tri-X 320. i've only tried the Artista with stand development so far.

at some point, testing this tank will become more expensive than buying something else. i should probably give up before then!