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Clay wrote, "So we ended up with Tri-X, but strangely enough, they did not even bother to put it in 12x20 film boxes. They just slapped new labels on some old 16x20 paper boxes that they had. I don't really mind this except that I think it is an indication that they are not terribly concerned with what we really want."

You're upset that you talked Kodak into doing a custom run for you because they did not use the "right" size of box for packaging? Perhaps next time you need to include the box design into your negotiations and see how much having custom made 12x20 boxes adds to the price of the run. I suspect you will be wishing they had just slapped the film into some of those 16x20 boxes they have laying around already...
My intent was not to 'whine', just to point out that only two years ago when I placed the same kind of order, they had enough corporate pride in their product to care what it looked like when it went out the door. It is an observation, not a frickin' complaint.

I think it is a valid data point illustrating what they as a company consider important. The message seems to be "I'll do something as long as it doesn't take a lot of effort. Frankly I could not give a sh** what sort of box the stuff came in, but I do care about what I see as a decline in Kodak's interest in their traditional product line. My interpretation of this small thing is that it indicates it may not take much of a reason at all for Kodak to just kill off the sheet film business completely.