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Funny thing about our culture - If you asked a mother what she would run into her house for if it was on fire, she would say the photo albums. They are the only thing that cannot be replaced. Now we have a few years of mom shooting digi and what artifact does she have? Is she going to dash in for her CPU or a stack of CDs?

... oh - in a burning building - I go would go for the negatives.
Two years ago (I think it was 2) we had this exact situation... Grass fire fanned by strong winds heading straight for our house. I was out (buying ink for the inkjet printer!) and my wife loaded up the car with her negatives (mostly pics of the kids), my negatives (all in folders) and various legal documents. She's quite organised and keeps the negs in boxes. Afterwards we identified a bit of a problem.. there were so many she only just got them into the car! She didn't get several boxes of older photos (with negs) that are from our pre-organised days. I got home and wasn't confident I could lay my hands on my last computer backup (or what had happened since when I'd last done it) so pulled all the cables from the PC and stuffed the CPU box in my car. At this stage the fire brigade had arrived and setup in our backyard (we invited them in cause we figured they'd be in the right spot to protect our house!) and the need to exacuate had passed.

From this we have organised some of our things a bit better, made a list of things to grab, but still have to organise a few things... including...

Digicam files! Bought one recently to see how it would fit in with my wifes rampant photographing the kids (she averages about 40 rolls a year). At the moment we've got 500+ files on the PC that I have yet got around to backing up or getting printed. I think about it often enough but just can't find the inclination to do a final edit before saving to CD.

Along the same lines of disappearing memories, my wifes parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this weekend. We've knocked together a slide show covering their 40years of marriage because we happen to have their collection of Kodachromes! Using 40-50yo digital technology... that will be interesting! I'll probably get off my lazy butt and save my digifiles and re-copy them now and then. However, most people don't seem to care so it may not be a problem for them. Of those that do care, they think a CD-R is permanent...

And... those Kodachromes look pretty good! The Ektachomes and others haven't fared too well with significant colour shifts and fading. Just the other day I read where Kodak are no longer selling Kodachrome in Australia, and any that you want processed has to go to Switzerland with a approx 6 week turnaround.. and I was just about to go back to Kodachrome as I don't have great faith in E6 even if they have advanced the longevity... don't really know... only time will tell!