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You may wish to review the write up on paper developers for AZO by Dhananjay Nayakanakuppam found on the Unblinking Eye.


His curve data seems to indicate that Ansco 130 with Glycin has a very similar curve shape to MS's amidol developer. I've not had a chance to try it yet but by my calculations the 130 formula could reduce developer cost by 50% or more per liter of working solution. AFAIK, Photographers Formulary are the only sellars of small quantities of Glycin.

It's not clear to me what the tray life of Anco 130 would be as compared to Amidol developer and the effects of water bath development as compared to Amidol.

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Been there, done that and reported the results in other APUG threads. To summarize:

My side-by-side print/developer test results comparing Ansco 130/Azo with Michael Smith Amidol/Azo resulted in a small but noticeable tonality advantage for Amidol/Azo.

I am planning some additional tests using Ansel Adams version of Ansco 130 in a split development scheme (as a soft working warm tone developer). I plan to soak the print in "straight" Ansco 130 for a short time, then transfer the print to the AA version and complete development. Water bath development is an additional contrast control treatment that is appropriate for Ansco 130 development.

Since I use both Amidol and Ansco 130 as one-shots, tray life is not an issue with me. I have found that 1 liter of either working developer will process at least 20 8x10 prints without any noticeable change in performance.

"AFAIK, Photographers Formulary are the only sellars of small quantities of Glycin. "

There are other sellers of glycin in small quantities, Bryant Lab is one. However, it appears that PF currently has the lowest price.