Welcome. I've not been here all that long myself, but already I feel 'right at home'. I like your stuff on BetterPhoto.

By chance, just last Sunday I was looking at some B&W negatives I took when I was in Iraq in 1983-'84. It was a very different place then, in the middle of a very different war. I was using an ancient rangefinder and a pair of Pentax Spotmatics then for myself, and a pair of Nikkormats for work. There were lots of restrictions on what could be photographed, but I managed OK (only managed to get arrested once). It was illegal to take exposed undeveloped film out of the country: they wanted everything developed there so they could see what was on it. Trouble was, that meant committing it to out of date chemistry (not their fault) and the possibility that I'd get half the pictures confiscated and/or me in jail for inadvertantly shooting the wrong thing. Our embassy staff were some lovely people but always did things by the book, so some rather more free-wheeling friends from the New Zealand embassy put it in their diplomatic bag for me and eventually I got my films back after a two month round trip via Christchurch. Lots of memories...

Be safe, and I hope film is all that you will need to shoot.