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hey Ole. perhaps my 30 second initial agitation is too much for this combo?

i wanted to try FX2, but i didn't have the ingredients for it lying around, and ordering chemicals for something that might not work seemed like 'plan B'.

i don't think i did a pre-soak on this one, thinking it was going to be sitting long enough that it didn't matter. perhaps that was a bad idea.

phototone: that's why i was thinking stand development. for film, i've tried two kinds so far: Arista.edu Ultra (aka Fomapan), and Tri-X 320. i've only tried the Artista with stand development so far.

at some point, testing this tank will become more expensive than buying something else. i should probably give up before then!

A piece of Black ABS pipe of the right length and diameter will work fine for stand development. That's what I use to develop my 2.25 inch X 3.25 inch sheet film. Ive successfully semi-stand developed with FX-2, Rodinal and Pyrocat.