I bought some new 8x20 filmholders a few months back. I just got around to shooting the first sheets with the new holders about a 2 months ago and just last week got caught up on developing the film. These shots were done in the vertical position ( I have a vertical back for my 8x20). I then noticed that the film seemed to be getting exposure across the entire sheet of film in the area at the top of the vertical nearest the dark slide handle. I then started looking at the gap between the film rail and the septum. It looked to be quite large. So I took two sheets of film and they slide in with no problem. I then took three sheets of film and they too slide in with no problem at all. This seems to be causing film sag or at least poor film flatness. Someone please tell me that being able to slide three sheets of film into one side of a filmholder is not normal. I won't mention the filmholder manufacturer because we are bickering about having the holders replaced. Robert