Mike Wilde here- living in Misissuaga, in the south end of town, almost rubbing shoulders with those in new Oakville. If you are from old Oakville you know that anything north of the QEW is just not the town it used to be.

Timothy will likely chime in - he lives here as well, just south of the Britannia Farm.

Uncle Bill, if you were agitaing for this regional sub forum, thanks for the effort If not, thanks to whoever.

Dinesh - I saw the pints invite - I am signed up to attending a Portrait Photo casual interest night school course on that Wednesday. It is the second week of the course. I was going to borrow a digithing point and shoot and attend the first night incognito to see if desparaging words are spoken about film. If so, I might be a late joiner to the social event instead, and blow off the second week class. I cant give up just yet film - I have just started to shoot 4x5, and then to improve my DOF in the studio I just spent a wad on a 2400w/s old speedotron flash pack and three heads kit.