I have named my 7x17 Korona "Shakey Jake". Like many aged ULF cameras it suffers from a marked lack of stability at multiple sites. No amount of tightening will keep the front rail even with the base. The front standard wobbles backwards under the pull of the bellows. The rear standard perches above the base on stilts that allow unintended forward tilt. Nonetheless it takes fabulous images. I love the 7x17 print size even though they don't fit in my print washer. I just bought a Folmer & Schwing 7x17 that I hope will improve on the Korona's deficiencies, but I'm enough of a realist to know what 85 years does to precision machinery.
BTW, your Korona better have the rear rail included if you plan to use a 450/460 mm lens. Mine doesn't and I can't. The 355 mm Gold Dot Dagor, however, is a superstar. I find any lens less than 250 mm to be "too wide on the wide". Just my taste.